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Policy to Protect Personal Information

Antex Corporation (hereinafter, “the Company”) considers that, in executing business activities, it is responsible for “the Company” to protect personal and/or confidential information (hereinafter, “Personal Information”) as identifies individuals and/or customers.

Every “Personal Information” provided by customers through any communication tool as website, e-mail, telephone, fax and so on, shall be handled as follows.

  • “Personal Information” means information that identifies individuals and customers and are contained name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • When “the Company” collect “Personal Information”, “the Company” will disclose the purpose of information collecting and will collect only necessary information.
  • “the Company” will properly handle collected “Personal Information” and will make effort to protect it from leakage, manipulation and unauthorized access.
  • “the Company” will not provide nor disclose corrected “Personal Information” to a third party excluding the following cases;
    • When “the Company” receive an official written request for cooperation or inquiry to disclose “Personal Information”from legally authorized person and/or organization.
    • When customers agree disclosure of “Personal Information”.
  • If customers wish to refer or modify their “Personal Information”, “the Company” will accept its disclosure only when customers are identified as themselves according to the regulation designated by “the Company”.
  • “the Company” will comply with Japanese laws and other rules applied to handling of “Personal Information possessed by “the Company” and will review and improve this privacy policy.

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