Message from our presidents

Go over 100 years since establishment, to the next 100 years

An strong organization that survives many crises

Our company was founded by Great Grandfather, Kumagoro Ando, on August 2nd, 1917. They said he has lost by the Great Kanto Earthquake happened immediately after the company was established.
But without giving up, he rebuilt the factory and laid the foundation for our company with an indomitable sprit that will not yield to anything.

In the past 100 years, although we encountered such inevitable difficulties as the Great Kanto Earthquake, World War Ⅱ, and recent Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the great east Japan earthquake, thanks to customer support
and employ efforts, we have overcome that crisis. I am convinced that it is an organization with full of such powerful energy as weeds that even if stepped on, next buds comes out.

We celebrated the 100th anniversary of our founding on August 2nd, 2017, and we have taken a new step toward the next 100 years. And we will aim for the next 110 years, 150 years and 200 years. Of course I will not be able to
be at the 200th anniversary with my colleagues at that time, but I believe we can pass our thoughts to future colleagues of 100 years ahead, that is properly the important role that we can take.

Yohei Ando

Better Contribution to Society

Surely of course it is important to support current customers more than ever by our technology, know-how and human resources that we have been developed for long time, we would like to
actively challenge development of products in industry where we have never experienced before, so that we shall become a company that contributes to a wider world.

Our goal is not to expand company but to provide customers with useful products both domestic and overseas market and to contribute to society widely. It is really the way on which we all employees shall follow.
Being conscious of how industry, society and world is, with our traditions and thoughts that have been succeeded over generations, we will introduce new things that meet the needs of the times.
We will make a continuous effort to provide products that meet our customers’ needs with new ideas and flexible attitudes, and to contribute better to world globaly.

Antex Corporation

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